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I'm from Canada...Before I place an order, what should I know?
  • Our prices are listed in USD (Conversion calculator available)
  • After making your purchase, you WILL incur additonal charges due to 'importing'. (See Brokerage Rate Guides)
  • We ship by way of customer's request, Postal, FedEx & UPS.
  • We have resources available to help you make the best choice for your shipment.
  • If you find this whole process confusing, our Customer Service reps will gladly assist you. (219-764-1000)
  • If you do not want to figure out the Customs rates, Please read the remaining FAQ as a minimum but vital form of information.
Why does UPS Standard seem so economical?

UPS Standard is an economical options for ground shipments to and from Canada. The trick is to understand the 'over the border' charges you will incur.

In some cases you can achieve an ideal shipping cost that satisfies your need. In other cases, it can cause your additional shipment costs to be 80% of the product value.

We strongly encourage you to use our Customs Calculator or Charts to assist in making the wisest shipping choice.

Should I ship Standard or Express?

Express shipments do not incur as many 'Brokerage' charges as Standard. The Express shipments have the fees worked into the shipping price.

Take into consideration, heavy packages may workout to be best shipped 'Standard', yet lighter weight packages may be best shipped 'Expedite'. Consider your options by using our Customs Chart or Calculator.

Does it matter whether I ship to a Commercial address or Residential address?

Yes. Commercial importers use a different chart for calculating fees than Residential importers. Also, many Commercial locations will use their own Broker accounts to eliminate confusion. (Commercial does not matter if using postal or FedEx)

As of 2008 UPS has started a program to encourage 'Residential imports'. Your supplier must be signed up with eBP in order for the Residential Customs Rates to apply. If your supplier is not setup with eBP, then the Commercial Customs Chart applies to residents as well. We at Paper-Papers are setup using eBP --discounted brokerage rates are available. See Customs Charts.(and hit the Residential tab)

Should I be aware of my product value?

Yes and No.
--Yes if you are a residential importer who is trying to stay within the incentive fee of $10 Customs charges. This requires that your product value be less than $200CAD.
--No if you are in need of your merchandise and if you are using the Commercial Customs Chart. There is no magic number for imports when it comes to Commercial importers. Simply use the rate guide to best determine your final cost of product.

I am a commercial location, how can I calculate by fees? Use the Commercial form to Calculate Brokerage Fees in 3 Easy Steps: Commercial Deliveries to Canada - Calculate estimated brokerage and taxes (or) view & print the Rate Guide for Customs Clearance into Canada
I am importing to a residential location, how can I calculate my fees? Use the Residential form to Calculate Brokerage Fees in 3 Easy Steps: Residential Deliveries to Canada - Calculate estimated brokerage and taxes (or) view & print the Rate Guide for Customs Clearance into Canada (hit Residential tab)
Are these brokerage fees considered my shipping fee? No. You will pay a shipping fee at time of purchase. Your product and shipping fee will be pre-paid. We will then prepare your shipment to leave our warehouse and be transported by UPS. UPS will handle customs clearance into Canada and will also collect the brokerage fees from you at time of delivery.
I am planning a purchase and the total is listed in US Dollars, how can I figure my estimated brokerage costs? The brokerage charts are listed in Canadian Dollars. Be sure to convert your US total into the appropriate Canadian total. If you do not have access to conversions, please use our Currency converter provided by Yahoo
How long does it take to receive my package via UPS Standard? Most Provinces can be served within 7 business days. The general calculation is 7-10 days. UPS is traceable from the moment it leaves our warehouse, so tracking your package at will provide the most accurate information.

Canada Rate Guide Terms

Bond Fee (See Disbursement Fees)
Brokerage GST Tax calculated based on 5% of brokerage fees
CAD Canadian Dollar
COD Fee Fee for collecting brokerage charges
Customs GST Tax calculated based on percentage of import value - varies by Province (approximate range - 5% up to 13%)
Disbursement Fee UPS pays for duties and taxes on the importer's behalf, therefore a fee of 2.7% (minimum $5.85) of the amount advanced by UPS is charged in addition to the Entry Prep fee.
Entry Prep Fee Fees applied to Ground transportation to Canada when UPS is the Customs Broker.
Express Services UPS Express, UPS Saver, UPS Expedite
GST Government Sales Tax
Importer Canadian business or resident purchasing products from US to ship into Canada
PST Provincial Sales Tax (usually applied to personal shipments) rate varies by Province
Shipping Fee Transportation fee for products shipping from supplier to importer. Rates do not include charges for customs clearance. Customs brokerage charges, duties, and taxes will be collected from importer at time of delivery.
UPS United Parcel Service
UPS Standard UPS ground delivery to and from Canada
USD United States Dollar


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