Choose a letterhead envelope for a personal/professional touch

Letterhead EnvelopeYou have spent a lot of time creating that business or personal message and by using just the right paper it will stand out. You may be using some nice letterhead stationery, so why not increase your cut-through chances by a using letterhead envelope? At we have a large selection of envelopes in a variety of colors and styles. Maybe you just need a standard No. 10 envelope for a business letter, or an expandable envelope for sending several items. Maybe the occasion is really special, so you need a nice linen envelope that's foil lined, or you really want to stand out so you send it in a translucent envelope. We have the envelope you need regardless, and it can be personalized to become a letterhead envelope. Adding the personal touch to all your mailings makes the recipient feel special.

Foil Lined Envelopes No. 10 Envelopes No. 10 ENVELOPES
(4 1/8 in x 9 1/2 in)
Square Envelopes Square Envelopes

Square envelope makes a statement

Square EnvelopeWhen looking for envelopes, take into consideration all the shapes and sizes. They can be rectangular, translucent, padded, expandable, foil lined, and just about any color you can imagine. Regardless of what you need to mail, has the envelope for you. When you really want to make a statement with your mailing, send it in a square envelope. These envelopes, which range in size from five inches to 9.5 inches, can really help get your important message delivered and read. A distinctive shape such as this helps cut through the clutter for business customers and creates that feeling of "something special" in your personal mailings. We have these wholesale envelopes in many styles including translucent, euro flap, foil lined, and plain white. They also come in a wide array of colors and paper stock. So, when you want to make a statement whether it's clear as a bell, bright and shiny or pastel linen send it in a square envelope.

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