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Curious Iridescents...
Elegant, yet subtle iridescent finish with 'flipping' hi-tech synthetic colors. This paper is the same color on both sides & is similar to a soft sparkly/metallic finish, yet a bit more subtle. Curious Iridescents are Laser/Ink comp (assuming your printer is not limited to the paper weight)

Cryogen White - is a milky white with a subtle sparkly/metallic finish
Poison Ivory - is a natural color with a satiny sparkly/metallic finish
Virtual Pearl - is a Pearl color the that has reflective changes in the light
Morphing Mauve - is a gentle mauve color that has reflective changes in the light
Cyber Gray - is a soft satiny gray (non-sparkly, non-reflective)
Plasma Blue - is a soft blue with a subtle sparkly/metallic finish


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