Linen cardstock for weddings

Linen Cardstock

Wedding announcements are often kept by the receivers and the senders. Make yours special with the linen cardstock supplies we offer here at We offer elegant colored cardstock in fabulous linen. Popular colors of our curious paper for weddings are the ivory and natural colors, although you may choose any color that you like. Other linen cardstock colors include Ice Blue, Pale Green, Burgundy, Emerald Green, Midnight Blue and Grey. Pair them with linen envelopes for a show-stopping invitation to your big day. The overall appearance will convey the elegance and beauty of your upcoming wedding day. Styles are able to be printed on by press and laser with varying weights and textures. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Colored cardstock: lasting impressions

For your important announcements, don't choose a flimsy paper to undermine the emphasis that should be placed on your announcement. Colored cardstock and envelopes not only has the durability, but the color to make a point about what is printed on it. No matter if it is a baby announcement, a Save the Date notice, or an Anniversary invitation, colored cardstock is sure to make a lasting impression on its receiver. The durability also means that you can keep it over time safely without fearing it is going to fall apart. We have dozens of colors, from our Astrobrights collection to our bright Cadillac Cover collection to our Curious Metallic offerings. So make a lasting splash with your next invite and use specialty cardstock from


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