Business envelope varieties

Business can help you keep your company's mailings looking good and, in some cases, safe and undamaged, with the appropriate envelopes for each task. By choosing the right business envelope, you send a message to customers or potential clients about your professionalism, your viewpoint or your desire to exceed their expectations in customer service.

Choose a mailing envelope in any size for professional letters and inquiries, promotional materials - you can even select colored envelopes or square envelops for DVDs and other products. For larger mailings and materials, or breakable items, browse our jumbo, bubble lined, cardboard, catalog/booklet and expandable corrugated mailers and more.

Home and office mailing envelope choices

Mailing EnvelopeWhether you're gearing up for a company direct mail project and need a professional looking business envelope, or just sending out private letters to friends, we've got you covered. Choose from a surprising array of mailing envelope sizes, colors and textures to set the tone before the package is even opened. Although we carry a great number of product choices for bulk-type mailings, it's not just businesses that can benefit from the great offerings here. For instance, our foil lined and linen envelopes are perfect for individuals sending out wedding or other special event invitations and announcements. They're the perfect accompaniment for the home-printed card or greeting that needs a sleek cover.

Take a tour through's convenient departments for thumbnail views of our selections in a number of mailer types. Ask us about our bulk order discounts and wholesale envelope pricing and visit often for the latest discounted products.

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