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Paper Weights Ranging
Thinner =====> to =====> Thicker
GSM=Grams per sq. meter | W=Writing or Bond | T=Text | VB=Vellum Bristol | I=Index | C=Cover
Information only, not a guarantee: Decimals have been rounded | Caliper and PPI vary by manufacturing specs

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GSM is the primary number sequence being used to show paper ranging thinner to thicker.
(GSM is a consistent number running smaller to larger regardless of the paper basis)

(results are "average" and not provided as a guarantee,
variables are based on manufacturer specs, mill runs, finishes, etc)

Paper Weight Sort
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Paper - 64-75 GSM
17lb Bond/Writing
20lb Bond/Writing
50lb Text
Paper - 90 GSM
24lb Writing
60lb Text
Paper - 105 GSM
28lb Writing
70lb Text
Paper - 110-113 GSM
29lb Writing
30lb Writing
Paper - 120-125 GSM
32lb Writing
80lb Text
84lb Text
85lb Text
Paper - 135-148 GSM
91lb Text
95lb Text
67 Vellum Bristol
100lb Text
Paper - 162 GSM
60lb Cover
90lb Index
Paper - 176-180 GSM
65lb Cover
48lb Writing
Paper - 198-216 GSM
110lb Index
78lb Cover
80lb Cover
120lb Index
Paper - 241-250 GSM
89lb Cover
90lb Cover
92lb Cover
Paper - 253-260 GSM
140lb Index
94lb Cover
96lb Cover
Paper - 270 GSM
100lb Cover
Paper - 284-290 GSM
105lb Cover
107lb Cover
Paper - 298-325 GSM
110lb Cover
111lb Cover
115lb Cover
118lb Cover
Paper - 325-370 GSM
120lb Cover
130lb Cover
134lb Cover
137lb Cover
Paper - 433-500 GSM
160lb Cover
179lb Cover
184lb Cover
Paper - 600-725 GSM
222lb Cover
236lb Cover
268lb Cover


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