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DIY Paper Apple Blossom Branches


These fun paper apple blossom branches are so versatile, use them as a crawling centerpiece down the middle of a table for a wedding or baby shower brunch, bend to create a wreath for the wall or add them to a gift wrap for a Spring birthday!


The branches are made from paper covered wire that you can find in your craft store. For these branches I used a pretty metallic paper for both the blooms and the leaves. The blooms are made from two sheets of Ice Gold and the leaves are one sheet of Fairway, both in text weight. For the added touch of pink on the petals, you can print that onto your paper right from my template. The template also includes a pink texture of the back side of the petals. This is optional if you prefer a whiter flower. You can download and print the pattern at the end of the post. I do recommend a laser printer for the metallic papers. For a full tutorial, head over this way! ~Lia




  1. MagStar says

    This is just amazing! You’d think after scrolling through all the beautiful paper flowers on this blog that I wouldn’t be surprised to see another lovely thing, but these branches are just so pretty! I’m coming up with so many ideas on where I could use them. My house may end up looking like an apple orchard. The brown stems have such a nice effect against the delicate blossoms – just like a real tree in springtime.

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