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DIY Metallic Paper Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas are such a beautiful summer flower and a great pick for wedding bouquets and reception decor. One way to get this lush garden look that will last beyond your special event is to make your blooms with paper. Since they are paper, you can create these gorgeous flowers ahead of time and then reuse them for future events or as gifts. I made these paper hydrangea using metallic papers which add a velvety look to the tiny petals. For the white heads I chose Ice Silver and the painted blue blooms are made with Opal to give the blue a yellow undertone. The large leaves are cut from Botanic. Though you can use a card stock for these flowers, I used the text weight paper. Once you finish your bloom you will see that even the lighter text weight becomes quite solid in this floral sculpture.


To help you make your paper hydrangeas, here are both printable templates for the petals and leaves as well as the SVG files for you to use on your Cricut Explore or Silhouette Cameo. If you are making a lot of these blooms, I do suggest investing in one of these cutting machines. For the full tutorial of how to paint and create these pretty paper flowers, come visit me right here! ~ Lia

DIY_Paper_Hydrengea HydrangeaButton1 HydrangeaButton2


  1. MagStar says

    Hydrangeas are my favorite summer flower, so I will definitely be making some of these! Since the coloration is painted on (and they’re made out of paper), it would be just as easy to use a cream color stock with some light touches of mauve or burgundy and make some autumn-hued ones too. What a wonderful blog (which is now bookmarked in my Favorite Craft Ideas & DIY folder!)

  2. Deborah Drew says

    Hydrange are so beautiful. New to flower making hope mine turns out as beautiful as yours.. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. says

    could not find detailed instructions to print out did find pattern for petals and leaves and was able to print them out but I need the instructions to print out

    • says

      Hi, by clicking through the last few words of our post ‘come visit me right here’, if you scroll to the bottom – you will see Lia’s beautifully laid out and printable instructions. Hope this helps.

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