Metallic Paper Dendrobium Orchids


It is time to make another gorgeous metallic paper flower! How about a dendrobium orchid with 5 blooms per stem. Today I made my stems in an assortment of my favorite purple metallic papers. I used Violet, Amethyst and Punch all in the text weight. These flower are tiny to cut but once that is done the assembly is quite easy. For the full step-by-step tutorial, just pop over to my post right here.  Below you can download the printable template or the SVG file for your cutting machine. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Paper_Orchids_DIY Paper_Dendrobium_Orchid Paper_Orchids_DIY_Dendrobium OrchidPatternButton

Make a Metallic Paper Lei

DIY_Paper_Flower_LeiThere is nothing more tropical than a colorful lei and what a better way to make these for your summer parties than with paper! I have designed a set of tropical blooms that are perfect for a lei and other party decorations like these simple floral straws. For her lei in these photos she used our metallic papers in text weight in Punch, Amethyst, Lime Satin and Gold. Of course you can choose any colors that match your theme as we have a wonderful color selection.


Here are the links for you to download the printable template or SVG file for your cutting machine. Once you have cut your flowers, you can find the step-by-step tutorial for the lei over in my post. Enjoy! ~ Lia

LeiPatternButton LeiSVGFile

Cascading Paper Flower Garland


This cascading flower garland is a beautiful and easy idea for the backdrop for a wedding ceremony, a party photo booth or a dramatic addition to any room.


This garland template is printed onto letter weight (not card stock) Sage, Gold, and Poison Ivory, though it can be easily adapted to your needed color pallet. The PDF is three pages, one for each color of paper. I purchased my branch from a floral wholesale house, but you may be able to find one at your local florist on perhaps one that fallen from a tree. Just follow the tutorial on my website to create this beautiful spring decoration. Cheers! ~ Lia FlowerGarland3 FlowerGarlandButton

Make Gorgeous Camellia Blooms from Metallic Paper


I am always so happy to see the spring camellias in bloom and equally as sad when these brief flowers are gone again for another year. To make their pretty pink and white bursts last a little longer, I have made a template to recreate the camellia from metallic text weight papers that you can get right here on You will find the downloadable template at the end of this post.

The text weight (not card stock) metallic paper I used is Azalea for the bright pink, Rose Quartz for the pale pink, Quartz for the white and Botanic for the leaves. I used this Gold for the center of the flowers. To give the flowers extra dimension I printed (with a laser printer) a pale pink watercolor onto the Rose Quartz and Quartz, that is why you are seeing three pinks. I also cut three blooms from the Quartz white with no printing for the white flowers. If you would like to reproduce this look, I can find the watercolor print over on my blog post as well as the step-by-step tutorial on how I made them. Enjoy! ~ Lia

DIY_Metallic_Paper_Camellia_Garland Metallic_Paper_Camellia_Gift_Topper_DIY CamelliaButton

DIY Paper Apple Blossom Branches


These fun paper apple blossom branches are so versatile, use them as a crawling centerpiece down the middle of a table for a wedding or baby shower brunch, bend to create a wreath for the wall or add them to a gift wrap for a Spring birthday!


The branches are made from paper covered wire that you can find in your craft store. For these branches I used a pretty metallic paper for both the blooms and the leaves. The blooms are made from two sheets of Ice Gold and the leaves are one sheet of Fairway, both in text weight. For the added touch of pink on the petals, you can print that onto your paper right from my template. The template also includes a pink texture of the back side of the petals. This is optional if you prefer a whiter flower. You can download and print the pattern at the end of the post. I do recommend a laser printer for the metallic papers. For a full tutorial, head over this way! ~Lia



DIY Metallic Paper Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas are such a beautiful summer flower and a great pick for wedding bouquets and reception decor. One way to get this lush garden look that will last beyond your special event is to make your blooms with paper. Since they are paper, you can create these gorgeous flowers ahead of time and then reuse them for future events or as gifts. I made these paper hydrangea using metallic papers which add a velvety look to the tiny petals. For the white heads I chose Ice Silver and the painted blue blooms are made with Opal to give the blue a yellow undertone. The large leaves are cut from Botanic. Though you can use a card stock for these flowers, I used the text weight paper. Once you finish your bloom you will see that even the lighter text weight becomes quite solid in this floral sculpture.


To help you make your paper hydrangeas, here are both printable templates for the petals and leaves as well as the SVG files for you to use on your Cricut Explore or Silhouette Cameo. If you are making a lot of these blooms, I do suggest investing in one of these cutting machines. For the full tutorial of how to paint and create these pretty paper flowers, come visit me right here! ~ Lia

DIY_Paper_Hydrengea HydrangeaButton1 HydrangeaButton2

Sometimes we just need a simple Thanks

Great project produced by Tracy for Oh My! Handmade. She included templates for easy to print 2-up Thank you cards but also included Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign files to help you make it your own! So simple, yet robust once the Adobe files are added.

What is nice about this template, you can print it on any paper you choose.  Select shimmers to make it elegant or fiber papers to make it rustic and of course, pure cotton can create an impression.  Different papers can set it apart to best set the mood and environment for this perfect Thank you card!

This 2-up can be printed on standard Letter Size Card Stock (or Text Paper for notes)  & once trimmed, will fit into an A6 Envelope. Please note that A6 ENVELOPES are 4.75-x-6.5-inches, therefore your insert will need to be trimmed to approximately 4.5-x-6.25-inches.

If you are familiar with the softwares, you are able to change your size to accommodate any insert and envelope you desire.

Suggestions and hints:

  • Take a standard 8.5-x-11 Card Stock Paper, Portrait direction, print 2-up with no trimming, but cut in half = A9 FLAT CARD which will fit into an A9 Envelope.
  • Take a standard 8.5-x-11 Card Stock Paper, Landscape direction, print 4-up with no trimming, but cut in quarters = A2 FLAT CARD which will fit into an A2 Envelope.

Give thanks with a free printable thank you gift | Oh My! Handmade.


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