Metallic Paper Hydrangea Wreath

Fall_Hydrangea_Paper_WreathWhat a beautiful way to decorate for fall! Make this DIY paper hydrangea wreath for your front door or to style your living space. For the petals of this hydrangea project I chose my favorite metallic text weight sheets in Ruby, Punch, Kunzite, Violette  and Opal and to add an extra layer of color, printed them with a watercolor wash on a laser printer. You can dowload the purple, blue and green washes here. I then chose three leaf colors, Botanic, Emerald & Fairway.  I picked the Emerald to pull out the color of my front door so you may choose a more traditional green if you prefer.

For this project I cut all of my paper petals with my Cricut Explore. You can download the SVG cut files below for your cutting machine or the PDF template to hand cut. For the full step-by-step photo tutorial just pop on over to my site! ~ Lia



DIY Paper Dahlia


It is time for another paper flower! Dahlia’s are one of my all-time favorites, partly because my name is included in the letters of this luscious bloom. Dahlias come in a variety of colors and shapes so I picked a rich plum with a irregular petal pattern as my inspiration. I will not lie, this is not the simplest flower I have made. With so many petals to cut and form, it takes some commitment, but is worth every minute when you see how gorgeous it looks complete



Pop over to my blog to see the step-by-step tutorial to follow. Remember that this kind of flower does work better with a text weight rather than a card stock paper since the latter does not curl smoothly. For the flowers in these photos I have used a metallic plum text weight called Ruby. You may even try small glue dots rather than hot glue to avoid glue strings. For the pattern click here. Enjoy! ~ Lia


DIY Paper Orchid Plant


I do love orchids! I almost always have a plant in my home and here is a way to have these beautiful flowers even without a green thumb! It is just gorgeous and I am thinking that these might be my live orchid replacement. You can use Ice Silver metallic paper in text weight to get that beautiful shimmering white that real orchids have. Check out my step-by-step tutorial on my blog and download the printable template to make your own gorgeous orchid plant. Enjoy! ~ Lia


Easy Spiral Paper Rose Centerpiece


Love this simple but yet elegant and lovely paper rose branch. This is a great DIY project for wedding reception decor or to decorate any elegant party or even your office space or living room. You will just need a tree branch for each piece, paper and the materials to create a base for your arrangement. In the tutorial, I give you the step-by-steps on how I created this centerpiece. You can use this free template I have provided for you here. My one hint is to use a text weight paper rather than the heavier card stock, the metallic Cryogen White would work beautifully with this project. This will let the spiral form and curl with ease while still holding the finished shape.  Enjoy! ~ Lia


Metallic Paper Dendrobium Orchids


It is time to make another gorgeous metallic paper flower! How about a dendrobium orchid with 5 blooms per stem. Today I made my stems in an assortment of my favorite purple metallic papers. I used Violet, Amethyst and Punch all in the text weight. These flower are tiny to cut but once that is done the assembly is quite easy. For the full step-by-step tutorial, just pop over to my post right here.  Below you can download the printable template or the SVG file for your cutting machine. Enjoy! ~ Lia

Paper_Orchids_DIY Paper_Dendrobium_Orchid Paper_Orchids_DIY_Dendrobium OrchidPatternButton

Make a Metallic Paper Lei

DIY_Paper_Flower_LeiThere is nothing more tropical than a colorful lei and what a better way to make these for your summer parties than with paper! I have designed a set of tropical blooms that are perfect for a lei and other party decorations like these simple floral straws. For her lei in these photos she used our metallic papers in text weight in Punch, Amethyst, Lime Satin and Gold. Of course you can choose any colors that match your theme as we have a wonderful color selection.


Here are the links for you to download the printable template or SVG file for your cutting machine. Once you have cut your flowers, you can find the step-by-step tutorial for the lei over in my post. Enjoy! ~ Lia

LeiPatternButton LeiSVGFile

DIY Paper Flower Chandelier


Being the paper flower crafter that I am, it is a must that I add some of my DIY paper blooms to my own home decor. . . without over doing it. So when I was looking at how I might create a dynamic entryway, I knew that the light fixture on the high ceiling was going to get a paper flower makeover. To make this chandelier, I was able to recycle the flowers from the paper garland tutorial using letter weight (not card stock) SageGold, and Poison Ivory, though it can be easily adapted to your needed color pallet.. This was not enough to finish the look but it did give me a good head start. I found a vintage wire basket for the frame of my paper chandelier and started stringing and hanging the long strands of blooms. 


This piece is about 12 inches across and 30 inches tall. I strung 12 blooms 3-4 inches apart on each twine strand and made 36 strands to finish the piece. That is a lot of flowers, but so worth it. The chandelier was hung over the white round light fixture which is now surrounded by the wire frame. The finished piece gives the entryway the drama and mood I was hoping for. See my tutorial here for the steps I took to create this gorgeous piece. I can see something like this used as a hanging centerpiece for a bridal shower or ladies brunch. So many ideas. At the end of the post you can download the template for the flowers. I did add a few leaves at the top, mostly to cover the ends of the string. Enjoy! ~ Lia


DIY Paper Rose


Happy July everyone! Let’s start the month off with another version of a paper flower. . . the all time favorite and my first flower to make for blog readers. . . the paper rose. Ice Silver, Rose Quartz, and Red Lacquer will make some classic white, pink and red roses, but I can imagine some beautiful yellow roses using this same metallic paper in Lime. I suggest you use a letter or text weight paper as the card stock or even scrapbook paper does not curl as smoothly. The wire stem makes the rose very useful as you can add it into a bouquet or trim and curl the wire end. If you want to make a rose without the stem, you can refer to my How to Make a Paper Rose video. The only difference is using a florist wire or a removable bamboo skewer to create your rose center. You can download and print onto your selected paper the rose and the leaf pattern below and visit my blog to get the full tutorial! Enjoy! ~ Lia




DIY Paper Gardenia


This paper gardenia is simply gorgeous and just in time for summer. Just one on top of a wrapped wedding gift will add that “gift-on-top-of-gift” that I love to do when I do my own gift wrapping. These gardenias would also make a perfect wedding corsage to pin onto or tie at the wrist for a mother or grandmother. The possibilities go on!


For this flower I printed a simple line template onto one of my favorite paper types, a metallic, iridescent, frosty paper, that gives such a beautiful dimension when curled and sculpted. I used text weight paper in the colors White Gold for the flower and Botanic for the leaves. These papers are offered here at one of my favorite online You can follow the tutorial below and download and print the template below. Enjoy! ~ Lia


Click thru to review Visual Instructions



Cascading Paper Flower Garland


This cascading flower garland is a beautiful and easy idea for the backdrop for a wedding ceremony, a party photo booth or a dramatic addition to any room.


This garland template is printed onto letter weight (not card stock) Sage, Gold, and Poison Ivory, though it can be easily adapted to your needed color pallet. The PDF is three pages, one for each color of paper. I purchased my branch from a floral wholesale house, but you may be able to find one at your local florist on perhaps one that fallen from a tree. Just follow the tutorial on my website to create this beautiful spring decoration. Cheers! ~ Lia FlowerGarland3 FlowerGarlandButton