BASIS COLORS - 23 x 35 PAPER - Orange - 28/70LB TEXT - Reviews

BASIS COLORS - 23 x 35 PAPER - Orange - 28/70LB TEXT

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BASIS COLORS - 8.5 x 11 CARDSTOCK PAPER - Orange - 80LB COVER - 100 PK BASIS COLORS - 23 x 35 PAPER - Orange - 28/70LB TEXT SKU: LE-BASIS12735 Price: $0.80

Basis TEXT Weight Folio Paper

BASIS is a distinctive range of premium vat-dyed colored text and cover papers, manufactured with an antique vellum finish to offer a rich textile feel with good bulking characteristics and rigidity. Basis represents a wonderful range of colors with high quality to enhance the artistic workmanship of the designer and creative minds. 

Twin-wire Antique Vellum Finish (uncoated) -  (this is NOT translucent vellum)
pH7.0 Neutral
Archival - Acid/Lignin free
Elemental chlorine-free
Printing compatibility: Lithography, Inkjet, Laser, Digital, Silkscreen
Finishing: Die Cutting, Laser Cutting, Varnishing, Blind Embossing

Price Listed per Sheet
(please note...20 sheet minimum, per color)

Folio Size
23X35 Inches / 584X889 Millimeters
Product: Paper
Caliper (Avg): 6.0
Color: Orange
Size: 23-x-35
Content: Virgin Fiber
Finish: Antique Vellum
Basis Weight: 104 GSM (28/70lb Text)