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Domtar Colors - Earthchoice No. 9 Envelopes - 2500/carton

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Domtar Colors - Earthchoice No. 10 Envelopes - 2500/carton Domtar Colors - Earthchoice No. 9 Envelopes - 2500/carton SKU: DC-9E Price: $147.13

Domtar Earthchoice OPAQUE Colors #9 ENVELOPES

No 9 Commercial ENVELOPES (3 7/8 in x 8 7/8 in)
Paper basis weight: 24/60lb Text

Domtar Colors is a dazzling selection of stylish pastels, whites and creams that are available in a broad range of weights and finishes. Dress up your printed materials with a splash of Domtar Colors. With a spectrum greater than the rainbow, these colors add life to flyers, letterhead, menus and newsletters. They're perfect for virtually anything that can be printed on offset presses, low- and high-volume copiers, inkjet and laser printers. Domtar Colors includes multipurpose, text, vellum bristol cover, index & tag.


Colors match corresponding colors in Domtar Colors Multipurpose, Domtar Colors Opaque Text, Domtar Colors Index and Domtar Colors Vellum Bristol Cover

Finish: Offset Vellum (not translucent vellum)

Domtar Colors consist of (varies between lines): Blue, Buff, Canary, Cherry, Cream, Goldenrod, Gray, Green, Ivory, Orchid, Pink, Salmon, Manila & Britewhite

Acid-free for great quality that doesn't deteriorate.

Laser and inkjet guaranteed.