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[Clearance] CONSTRUCTION - A2 Envelopes - 50 PK

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[Clearance] CONSTRUCTION - A2 Envelopes - 250 PK [Clearance] CONSTRUCTION - A2 Envelopes - 50 PK SKU: FR-CS-A2E-50


by The French Paper Co.

Package: 50 ENVELOPES
ENVELOPE Size: A2 ENVELOPE (4.375" x 5.75")
Basis Weight: 28/70lb TEXT

--Acid free / Chlorine free
--Laser & Ink Guaranteed for Construction Text Weight (Cover may be limited by its thickness)
--All French paper products are made with clean, renewable energy / 100% Green Hydropower

Note colors and their recycled content...

The earthy, yet durable shades of Construction paper, made exclusively by French paper mills, is a great addition to those creative projects with a subtle influence of earthy tones. These shades are very different in color, but share a family of undertones which will allow for mixing and matching of various shades.

We carry this practical line of paper in various sizes & weights. You can view all Construction products at paper-papers with easy navigation on our site, you can quickly find all the Construction Paper and Envelopes.

Construction is made up of 18 color selections (15 colors & 3 shades of white). Here at Paper-Papers we stock a high majority of these colors in the paper & various envelope sizes.