[Clearance] Plike (Plastic-Like) Paper - 12 x 18 - GREEN - 95LB TEXT - 200 PK - Reviews

[Clearance] Plike (Plastic-Like) Paper - 12 x 18 - GREEN - 95LB TEXT - 200 PK

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[Clearance] Plike (Plastic-Like) Paper - 8.5 x 11 - GREEN - 95LB TEXT - 25 PK [Clearance] Plike (Plastic-Like) Paper - 12 x 18 - GREEN - 95LB TEXT - 200 PK SKU: PLK-1218T-GRN Price: $90.89 On Sale! $68.17

Plike Paper

by Gruppo Cordenons

Plike (Plastic-Like)
Basis: 95LB TEXT (140gsm) 6PT.
Size: 12x18
Qty: 200

That's Plike - from Plastic-like- or pleasure from touch. Designed for the world of graphics, this surprising, avant-garde product is the result of constant research at the service of creativity and communication. Thanks to its special surface treatment, Plike gives printing results that cannot be achieved with uncoated papers. Manufactured by Gruppo Cordenons.

Plike is Laser compatible within the substance range recommended by the printing machine manufacturers

TIPS: To enhance and to better preserve the characteristics of this product, we recommend to take the following precautions: . Store the product in a dry area, since Plike is sensitive to humidity. . Please ensure that all opened wrappers and pallets are rewrapped securely. . Prior to printing please fan the sheets to ensure separation.