French Paper - POPTONE - A2 Envelopes - Berrylicious - 250 PK - Reviews

French Paper - POPTONE - A2 Envelopes - Berrylicious - 250 PK

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French Paper - POPTONE - A2 Envelopes - Berrylicious - 50 PK French Paper - POPTONE - A2 Envelopes - Berrylicious - 250 PK SKU: 36252-250 Price: $29.26

Pop-tone - A2 ENVELOPES - Announcement Envelopes

by The French Paper Co.

Envelope size: A2 (4-3/8-in-x-5-3/4-in)
Basis Weight: 28/70 Text (104gsm)
Acid Free (Archival)
Laser & Ink Guaranteed for Pop-tone Text Weight (Cover weight paper may be limited by its thickness)

Pop-tone is a unique and colorful line of paper and envelopes created to intrigue the sense of sight and taste. Popular colors fill this full spectrum palette being one reason it is identified as popular tones (pop-tones). In addition, since this popular paper is named after flavorful candies or treats, it can tease the appetite for sweet temptations. Ultimately, this quality, full color line can assist with almost every project need; ranging from a professional business image to a creative project with no limits. Find the color that fits the project, this paper is a great addition to every designer's portfolio. Pop-tones is manufactured responsibly by French Paper Mill, manufacturer of quality paper and a family run mill since 1871.