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A7 FOIL LINED Envelopes - 250 PK

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A6 FOIL LINED Envelopes - 250 PK A7 FOIL LINED Envelopes - 250 PK SKU: A7-FOIL-250


Foil lined envelopes are an excellent choice for any occasion. Find the perfect match for your event and announce your important event encompassed with a quality envelope with foil lining. Ranging from economical mass mailing options to high-end quality. With several envelopes options, this allows you to select the style that fits your budget.

Brand: National
Product: Envelopes
94 Brightness
Color: White
Size: A7 (5-1/4-x-7-1/4)
Content: Virgin Fiber
Finish: Wove
Basis Weight: 089 GSM (24/60lb Text)