French Parchtone - AGED - A6 Envelopes - 250 PK - Reviews

French Parchtone - AGED - A6 Envelopes - 250 PK

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French Parchtone - AGED - A6 Envelopes - 1000/carton French Parchtone - AGED - A6 Envelopes - 250 PK SKU: PARCH-A6B-AGD Price: $40.20

Parchtone - Parchment Envelopes

Parchtone replicates the look and feel of old world authentic parchment. Parchtone offers a touch of class with a natural presence - Practical, beautiful and classy. Parchtone by French is a perfect choice for projects needing to show integrity and official status. Comfortably crossing both professional and creative markets, this subtle color palette is a natural choice to complete any project and represent your message with pride. Manufactured responsibly by French Paper Mills.