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Arturo - A7 Envelopes - WHITE - 200 PK

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Arturo - A7 Envelopes - WHITE - 200 PK Arturo - A7 Envelopes - WHITE - 200 PK SKU: ART-A7-W Price: $52.75

Arturo Envelopes

Arturo Italian Stationery
Arturo is exclusively designed by Cartiera Magnani. This quality line of Italian Stationery and Envelopes has A4 Letter paper (120gsm) and a large variety of cards (260gsm) with a gently deckled edge (hand torn effect) along with coordinating envelopes in a wide range of sizes.

Complete range of cards and envelopes available in both rectangle and square format. This high quality line is produced on cylinder mould machine, 100% high alpha cellulose, neutral pH. The texture is obtained with a -Corona- felt, exclusive design of Cartiera Magnani.